Weight loss: The many types of belly fat and how to get rid of it

01. Different types of belly fat and how to get rid of it

Belly fat is a source of anxiety for all of us. It takes away the allure of dressing up and the need to appear attractive, as well as posing significant health hazards. There are two types of stomach fat: visceral and subcutaneous.Visceral fats surround a person’s organs and therefore are very dangerous in nature. However, subcutaneous fats lie underneath the skin. Comparatively the former is more harmful than the latter.

That said, there are different types of bellies that one might possess. Depending on the kind of tummy you have, you can eliminate the fat accordingly.

02. Stress belly

As the name itself suggests, stress belly is an outcome of stress. It is caused due to an increase in the cortisol levels, which are produced when a person is under a lot of mental pressure. This in turn leads to an increase in the fat accumulated in the abdominal region, making one more susceptible to obesity.

How to get rid of it: In order to do away with stress belly, you can resort to meditation and yogic practices that can reduce the level of stress and anxiety. Apart from that, you must also get enough sleep, so you are rejuvenated at all times.

03. Hormonal belly

Hormonal belly is a result of an imbalance of hormones. From hyperthyroidism to PCOS, many hormonal changes and irregularities can lead to weight gain and cause excess belly fat.

04. Low Belly fat

Low belly occurs when a person's upper body is slimmer than their lower stomach, which is the abdominal region. A sedentary lifestyle and/or a person's susceptibility to digestive disorders are frequently the causes of this belly type.

How to get rid of it: Anyone with a low belly should eat fiber-rich, digestion-friendly foods. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of green leafy vegetables. Concentrate on core workouts to strengthen your stomach.

05. Bloated Belly

A faulty diet or an inability to accept certain meals might cause a bloated stomach. Bloating is a common side effect of acidity and indigestion, and it can be recurrent.

How to get rid of it: Regular exercise is the greatest approach to avoid a bloated stomach. Make an effort to eat a healthy, stomach-friendly diet. Avoid carbonated drinks and large servings of food, which can make bloating more difficult to control.

06. Mommy Belly

Women who have given birth are prone to developing mom bellies, which make them appear pregnant even after the pregnancy is over. It takes time for a woman's body to return to its pre-pregnancy form. As a result, don't worry about it and be patient.

How to get rid of it: If you have a mommy belly, don't worry about it; instead, relax and allow yourself to heal. Consume healthy fats such as almonds, olive oil, and avocados during this course. Kegel exercises can also be used to tighten the skin.

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