How to Download Youtube Videos on Windows or Android or IOS 2021

Hi Everyone, in this video we will teach you how You can Download any Youtube video or Facebook Video on Windows or android or ios devices . 

To Download Youtube Videos To Phone Gallery On Windows or Android Or iOS Devices By following these steps.


1. Open Youtube Application On Windows or Android Or iOS Devices.
2. Click on the search bar type the tittle of the video that you want to download Click on go.
3. Now the search result will appear click on the video that you want to Download from the search results.
4. Copy the video link.
5. Now open new Tab.
7. Then type YT1S.COM site .
8. Select Youtube to Mp4 or If you want to download facebook videos then select the facebook Downloader.
9. Paste the Link in Textbox.
10. Select the Convert Button.
11. When it complete Click on download button.

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